Credit Card

Credit Card

SettleMed can improve collection percentages by recovering dollars faster by empowering those card members that feel they cannot pay today.

It is no secret that card members will avoid your agents and provide no response to your letters. $ettleMed's interactive solution will engage the card members and provide you with recoveries on those accounts that would have been sent to a collection Agency, Attorney or Debt Buyer providing you with a much better return and saving costs.


making it easy for consumers to pay

SettleMed makes it easy for consumers to settle and pay a negotiated and agreed amount owed. It delivers a simple, personalized experience that unlocks consumers’ willingness and ability to pay their bills by delivering a “retail” experience that is confidential, convenient, and easy to use.

Proven consumer marketing and online shopping techniques, combined with proprietary online negotiation technology, generates more revenue dollars throughout the revenue cycle, at a lower cost than traditional solutions, and maintains goodwill.

a simple consumer friendly approach

Engage Early in the Revenue Cycle
SettleMed can be deployed at any time during the revenue cycle process:
  • Starting as early in the cycle as you like when you identify card members through your scoring process that have a lower propensity to pay or;
  • Pre Collection as a final attempt to enable consumers to pay before the account is written-off or converted to bad debt and moved to collections or;
  • During the Collection Process as a means of simple and easy consumer outreach and as a means of reducing costs and improving returns
Provide ”Opt-In” Incentives

SettleMed engages consumers, using a positive marketing approach and incentives that appeal to modern consumer values.

Put the Consumer in Control

Consumers are able to access their $ettleMed account online anytime from the privacy of their own home, settle and pay online or call the number that you provide.

Let us provide you some suggestions on how to use SettleMed to maximize your returns. Contact us and we will be glad to explain in detail how we can help you improve recoveries and reduce your collection cost.