The Healthcare Solution

making it easy for patients to pay

SettleMed makes it easy for patients to settle and pay and for healthcare providers to get paid. It delivers a simple, personalized experience that unlocks patients’ willingness and ability to pay their medical bills by delivering a “retail” experience that is confidential, convenient, and easy to use.

Proven consumer marketing and online shopping techniques, combined with proprietary online negotiation technology, generates more revenue dollars for healthcare providers throughout the revenue cycle, at a lower cost than traditional solutions, and maintains hospital goodwill in the communities they serve.


a simple consumer friendly approach

Engage Early in the Revenue Cycle

SettleMed deploys over the entire revenue cycle, starting as early as the day of service when the recovery potential is the greatest and stays engaged until write-off or conversion to bad debt.

Provide ”Opt-In” Incentives

SettleMed engages patients early, using a positive marketing approach and incentives that appeal to modern consumer values.

Put the Patient in Control

Patients are able to access their SettleMed account online anytime from the privacy of their own home, settle and pay online or call the SettleMed Customer Service Center.